Deeper Sleep Hypnosis Recording

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"Oh Man, This worked so well! I had a great sleep last night - Thank You!"  -Nonie Uzick, Vancouver, BC

Guaranteed To Help You Find Deep Sleep While Eliminating Stress and Tension.

This Hypnotic Empowerment Audio MP3 Recording has been created to allow you to get many full nights of peaceful and deep sleep.  This hypnotic recording will create a more peaceful and restful sleeping pattern each night allowing you the ability to awake fully refreshed and rejuvenated.

You will love the happiness and peace that comes to your life!

This recording is by Hypnotist Scott Christie. The effects will begin instantly as you relax and allow your mind to focus on what you truly want to attract to your life.

*Do not listen to this recording while driving a driving a vehicle or running equipment*

  • Size
    70.5 MB
  • Duration
    30 minutes
  • Size70.5 MB
  • Duration30 minutes
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Deeper Sleep Hypnosis Recording

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